NCAA Safety Workshop Presentations – 22 September 2022

The following is an email that was sent from the NCAA's Safety Promotion and Quality team member — Danielle Bruckert — to all the participants of the NCAA's 22 September 2022 Safety Workshop providing links to the PowerPoint presentations shown at that event.

Email to the 22 September 2022, NCAA Safety Workshop Participants

Dear Safety Workshop Participants,

The presentations from the safety workshop have now been uploaded on the NCAA website, as promised, here:

Safety Workshop - 29 Sept 2022

If you need the original PowerPoint version please do let me know by emailing at

Please do have a look around the Safety Information section of our website too, where you will find the previous workshop, all the safety bulletins since we began publication in January, and the newly (ministerial) approved SSP Manual among other things.

We are working on a proper email list to keep everyone updated, you will hear from me regarding this soon.

Thank you all for your participation in this important event, and we hope to see you either in person or virtually at the next workshop which is tentatively planned for May.

Best regards,

Danielle Bruckert
Safety Promotion and Quality
Namibia Civil Aviation Authority

AOPA Namibia exists to protect the aviation interests, rights and privileges of ALL its members.

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