Namibia's 2024 ICAO Safety Oversight Audit

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) published an Electronic Bulletin, dated 29 June 2023, indicating that Namibia will undergo ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit during the period of 6 to 18 March, 2024. Due to this important ICAO announcement, AOPA has begun a conversation with the NCAA to ensure that:

  1. The Namibian aviation industry are maximally prepared to help achieve a positive ICAO audit outcome;
  2. That a formal plan is published and in place by the NCAA to ensure aviation safety and service deliveries are not compromised as the NCAA diverts the majority of its resources to preapring for the ICAO audit, and;
  3. AOPA and the Namibian aviation industry have representation on the ICAO audit preparation committee recently established by the Hon. Minister of Works and Transport.

Read on to see AOPA's ongoing conversation with the NCAA regarding the ICAO audit...

– 2023 –

31 August – Letter from the NCAA ED to AOPA

Letter from the NCAA Executive Director, Ms. Tosca Sem, to AOPA regarding AOPA's 15 August 2023 letter requesting a service delivery mitigation plan as most NCAA staff and resources are redirected from their normal activities to prepare for Namibia's March 2024 Safety Audit.

15 August – Letter from AOPA to the NCAA ED

Letter from AOPA to the NCAA Executive Director, Ms. Tosca Sem, requesting information on Namibia's upcoming ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit as well as a mitigation plan for how the NCAA will ensure safe and on time service delivery as most of the NCAA's resources are diverted to preparing for the audit.