Aviation Indaba 2022 Update: AOPA Board Meeting with the NAC

Letter from the AOPA Namibia CEO

4 April, 2022

Dear AOPA Namibia Member,

AOPA Namibia had some fruitful discussions with the NAC on Monday 4 April 2022 in preparation for the Aviation Indaba to be held later in the year.

The NAC has taken the lead to host this upcoming Aviation Indaba.

The purpose of this indaba is aimed at sharing and putting in motion ideas on cementing the role of the aviation industry as key to the economic recovery and growth for Namibia, as well as those aimed at resuscitating the aviation industry and other ancillary industries such as tourism.

This indaba is expected to bring players and stakeholders locally and internationally who have an interest in the growth and rebound of the industry.

Such players and stakeholders will include local and international airlines, airport operators, aviation regulators, financial institutions, general aviation operators, government, as well as aviation experts around the world.

The key outcomes and objectives of this indaba will include among others:

  • Bringing players in the aviation industry together — both locally and regionally — to share the lessons, challenges and ideas learnt from the COVID pandemic as well as the economic recession.
  • Identify collective solutions to assist organizations in the industry whose economics have been irreparably affected by the pandemic.
  • Developing a roadmap on the resuscitation and growth of the aviation and related sectors in Namibia, and potentially in the region.
  • Serve as a platform to showcase specific projects and investment initiatives aimed at spurring the growth in the Namibian aviation and related industries, particularly those where funding may be required.
  • Formulate a strategy on how the Namibian aviation industry can play a central role in the realization of the goals and aspirations encapsulated in the National Transport Policy, NDPs, and Harambee Prosperity Plan, as well as to participate in regional and continental initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).
  • Share ideas on how to actively seek and ensure closer interrelation between the aviation, tourism and other related sectors so as to maximize the benefits that accrue from the collective marketing of Namibia as a tourism and business destination.
  • Prepare a collective white paper which will pave way for structural and national policy reforms in the operation and regulation of the aviation sector.
  • Identify the opportunities for cooperation between government, SOEs, airlines and operators, financial institutions and tourism businesses to kickstart growth in the industry

AOPA has been invited to sit on the steering committee. Members are invited to put forward any ideas and recommendations that will help to revive with the economic recovery.

This office used the same opportunity to address the restrictions placed on some of the NAC’s management airports (FYRU,FYKM,FYLZ,FYKT, FYOA). These restrictions not only harm the aviation and tourism industry, but also scares investors away. Further discussions are required on this.

Kind regards,

JochieChristian J SellCEO – AOPA NamibiaEmail: ceo@aopa.org.na

AOPA Namibia exists to protect the aviation interests, rights and privileges of ALL its members.

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