“Protecting Your Right to Fly”

Dear Fellow Aviator,

AOPA Namibia is a non-profit advocacy group fighting to protect aviation rights & freedoms for all its members.

AOPA is not an aircraft maintenance (AMO), operating (AOC), training (ATO), recreational (ARO), or any other aviation entity that is regulated or controlled by the Government of Namibia, through the auspices of the NCAA. As such it is ONLY organization devoted to flying and aviation in Namibia that is truly independent of government oversight or licensing.

We have the freedom to negotiate or bargain with the NCAA and the NAC without the fear of retribution.

As members of AOPA, we have inalienable rights. The challenge is that authority and bureaucracy don’t necessarily understand or accept that general, commercial and recreational aviation in Namibia are vital components of a modern, thriving safe, and free society.

How does AOPA respond to this challenge? 

By hard dedicated work from its leadership and membership base. 

There is enormous strength in numbers, especially when each member of an advocacy organization has the same passion and goals. AOPA needs to solicit a strong membership base. The challenges that face AOPA as an organisation are not insurmountable. A strong membership enables AOPA’s strengths and bargaining power.

In the USA membership of our parent body is more than 420,000.

It is no surprise that AOPA USA wields considerable influence in aviation matters with the FAA and the federal government. In Namibian we might not have the number of members, but AOPA can emulate that example and make use of the powers of collective bargaining. AOPA’s policy is and will always be of constructive engagement with Government of Namibia, the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority, and the Namibian Airports Corporation on issues of mutual concern.

AOPA strives to keep aviation safe and affordable. 

The past few years have proven that general and commercial aviation in Namibia are in danger, subject to an unacceptable level of excessive over regulation. In response to these ever increasing laws and regulation, the NCAA and the NAC have resorted to raising license and operating fees to unacceptable levels. One of AOPA’s main goals is to slow down and reverse these never-ending increases of regulation and costs.


If you are not already a member please go to the AOPA Website at and click on Become an AOPA Namibia Member. After filling out the online registration you will be directed to the payment page. We currently accept only EFT payments but in the future will also accept direct online payments.


Mark Dawe
AOPA Namibia

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